For us, everything should be “precise”, the “works” should be inspired by the innovation. As “networks”, we produce professional solutions for brands in sales organization and marketing with our experience and innovative perspective in real estate sector. We develop works for the purpose of providing maximum benefit to brands in the field of sales and marketing; and we differentiate the brands' vision by producing works in the manner of “network.”
We act with a sense of justice in our business and relationships; we draw our route in this way. We stand with our moral values ​​and we never tolerate immoral methods and practices in our activities. Our reputation comes in the first place, we do not give up our reputation for any material benefit. We see people as values, not as resources; we always aim to develop the society and make people happy.
Up to now, we have been involved in the development of 8 projects, we have developed projects that appeal to different target audiences, suitable for all residents and investors. Within 4 years’ span, we concluded the sales of 1850 residentials, 60 commercial units, 145.000 sqm indoor area in total and recorded a turnover of 550 million Turkish Lira. We analyzed customer expectations and behaviors with 7000 face-to-face interviews and 20.000 phone calls. We examined the decisions of customers who buy or not, made customer segmentation and produced campaigns accordingly. By closing the deal with one in every three customers who visited the sales office, we became a team that reaches above the sector average.